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Environmental Geochemistry

Enviromin provides high quality biogeochemistry services to the mining industry:

Geochemical Characterization

Enviromin geochemists are well-versed in standard and experienced in developing custom testing methods and statistical approaches to geochemical characterization throughout the mine life cycle.

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Optimization of existing data with defensible statistics, followed by well-planned supplemental testing, best-serves Enviromin's clients’ objectives. We have successfully implemented custom, facility-relevant test methods that resulted in regulatory approval at multiple mines in North America.

Tailings Characterization

Enviromin is experienced in tailings geochemistry and implementing methods relevant to client objectives.

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Enviromin services align with metallurgical testing facilities, paste labs, and analytical protocols to provide the most useful information for our clients.

Predictive Geochemical Modeling

Hydrogeochemical models are essential tools for prediction of water quality and assessment of water management options. Recognizing that modeled predictions are only as good as the conceptual model and quality of input data, Enviromin specializes in designing geochemical characterization programs to support modeling objectives.

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Enviromin has successfully developed predictive models for individual mine waste rock and tailings facilities, groundwater during mining operations and at closure, and sitewide water treatment needs.

Regulatory Engagement and Permitting Support

Enviromin recognizes the importance of engaging stakeholders to efficiently scope and communicate project goals and results. Our staff specialize in communicating fundamental aspects of mining geochemistry in an accessible way that regulators and the public can understand.

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We work with regulators and other stakeholders to ensure they understand the the implications of data we present for our clients’ projects within regulatory frameworks. As a result, Enviromin has earned the trust of clients and regulators across North America and the recognition that Enviromin provides high-quality analyses with the attention to detail needed for successful mine waste and water management.

Environmental Microbiology

Microbes living in mined materials and mine-affected water directly influence water quality. The biogeochemical capacity of these communities drive waste management and water treatment options - and outcomes. Enviromin provides high-quality, cutting-edge and often custom microbiological services for mining and subsurface environments including:

Microbial Community Surveys

Microbial communities are involved in most important geochemical processes that impact groundwater and the surrounding ecosystem.

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Using DNA-based methods including high-throughput amplicon sequencing, Enviromin staff are expert in surveying the native microbial communities at mining sites and other subsurface environments. We interpret the outcomes of these genomic and metagenomic surveys in the context of available water quality data to provide thorough biogeochemical assessments.

Metabolic Prediction and Reconstruction

Microorganisms live in some of Earth's most challenging environments due to their unique metabolisms. Microbial metabolisms interact intimately with their natural environment and can even remediate mine-impacted waters.

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Enviromin uses metagenomic profiling and bioinformatics tools to reconstruct the predicted microbial metabolisms within an ecosystem. This information can be used to leverage native microbial communities to remediate impacted ecosystems

Custom Laboratory Bioreactors

Enviromin's unique laboratory allows for custom laboratory testing using bioreactors to simulate field-scale environments.

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By replicating field conditions in a controlled, laboratory environment, Enviromin can examine hypothetical scenarios or test potential remediation approaches at a cost-effective scale. Results can be used to optimize further testing at the pilot and field scale.

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