Sustainable materials and clean water:

Incorporated in 2004, Enviromin is committed to providing expert, innovative, applied biogeochemistry and hydrogeology services for environmental management of mined materials and affected water. Recognizing the value of biotechnology in management of water quality, Enviromin specializes in the microbial and environmental geochemistry of mined materials and mine-affected water. Together with our clients, we have worked to develop technically sound, cost-effective strategies for source control or treatment of water affected by the mining or excavation of rock. Our hydrogeology team has broad experience with mine water management and groundwater characterization. Our highly trained and experienced staff has brought cutting edge and innovative services to our client’s permitting, operations, and closure projects.

Our expertise is in:

  • characterization of mine-waste ecology and geochemistry
  • geochemical modeling, including predictions of pit lake and mine water quality for underground workings, waste rock piles, and tailings facilities;
  • mine facility design, feasibility, permitting, and environmental impact assessment;
  • operational validation, including geochemistry and microbiology;
  • closure of active and abandoned mines;
  • risk assessment; and
  • water treatment, both passive and active.

Please contact us to discuss how our resources and expertise can support your environmental management program.


What's new at Enviromin?

Katie Crushes it at Fairmont!

Enviromin’s Senior Environmental Scientist, Katharine Seipel, spoke today at the Mine Design, Operations & Closure Conference at Fairmont. Her presentation: Increase in Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in Groundwater Resulting from Hydraulic Bulkheading, Glengary Adit, New World Read more…

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