Enviromin is excited to welcome Lauren Bozeman back to our environmental geochemistry team. Lauren worked for Enviromin from 2012 through 2015 before pursuing her M.S. in Environmental Science at the University of Arizona and has rejoined the team as a geochemist responsible for data collection, assembly, and analysis for a variety of projects. She is also MSHA underground miner certified and brings Spanish language skills to Enviromin. Lauren’s experience with mining related geochemistry includes geochemical modeling of remediated mine sites and data analysis and reporting in support of mine permitting. She also has experience with experimental design, conducting batch and column scale investigations, and use of laboratory analytical instruments. She has conducted field work in a variety of settings in support of mine permitting and remediation projects and has a particularly strong background in arsenic remediation. Lauren has developed strong skills in relevant modeling and data analysis software including OriginLab, PHREEQC, Geochemist’s Workbench, and Google Earth. She also has experience in ArcGIS, R Studio, Netpath, MATLAB, and Visual MINTEQ. Additionally, Lauren brings strong teaching, public speaking, and project management skills to the Enviromin team. 

Look for Lauren at the Mine Design, Operations, and Closure Conference in August at Fairmont with involvement in the 11:00 am Water Session on August 24th  — Increases in Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Groundwater Resulting from Hydraulic Bulkheading, Glengarry, Mine, New World District, Cooke City, Montana.

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