Together with faculty from Montana State University, Bozeman MT USA and Edith Cowan University, Perth Australia, Enviromin Principal Geochemist Lisa Kirk is planning to present a Summer 2016 field course entitled:

Environmental management challenges in the northern Rocky Mountains- a comparison of undisturbed, disturbed and managed ecosystems

This fieldIMG_1848 course will  introduce students to environmental management challenges faced in the northern Rocky Mountains.  Yellowstone,  one of America’s most famous national parks, is recognized as one of the last undisturbed ecosystems, but nearby land is also used for conservation, ranching and mining which results in varying degrees of disturbance.  The course will provide an overview of the unique biogeochemical setting of Yellowstone National Park as well as visits to some of its most famous sites, discussions with park staff and opportunities to view the park’s impressive wildlife. The course will continue on to Butte MT, to look at the impacts of mining in the region, starting at the Superfund site of Berkeley Pit and visiting both active and reclaimed mining operations. The course will address the challenges of providing needed resources through mining and ranching in Montana while protecting water quality. A unique aspect of this field course is that it will be open to students from both Montana State aMISC iPhone Pics 200nd Edith Cowan (Perth, Western Australia) Universities, representing the start of an international student exchange program.


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