Current Projects

  • Microbes in Mine Waste Ecology Assessment Tools
  • Gold Mine Expansion Pit Lake Geochemistry, Nevada
  • Teck Coal Strategic Advisory Panel Selenium Management, BC and Alberta, Canada
  • Teck Coal Watershed Selenium Management Research and Development Program, BC Canada
  • Sandfire America, Black Butte Copper Project, Baseline Geochemistry Studies, Montana

Former Projects

  • Agrium Rasmussen Ridge Mine Groundwater Validation Program, Idaho
  • Agrium Dry Valley Mine Groundwater Validation Program, Idaho
  • Barrett’s Regal and Treasure Talc Mines – Asbestiform Mineral Assessment and Management Plan
  • Barrick Gold Baseline Geochemistry Program, Montana
  • USFS New World Mining District Mine Closure Project, Montana
  • Butte Highlands Kinetic Testing Program, Montana
  • Crown Butte Mines AML Reclamation Project, Montana
  • Gold Mine Groundwater Bioremediation, Chile
  • Baseline Geochemistry Study, Copiapo, Chile
  • Underground Mine Closure and Water Treatment, Washington
  • IFC Axmin Passendro Project, Central African Republic
  • J.R. Simplot Smoky Canyon Environmental Geochemistry Baseline and Selenium Management Investigations, Idaho
  • Luzenac Yellowstone Mine – Talc Asbestiform Mineral Assessment and Management Plan, Montana
  • McDonald Gold Baseline Geochemistry and Pit Lake Geochemical Model, Montana
  • Biogeochemistry of Historic Mine Tailings, Colorado
  • USFS Region 1/Revett Minerals Rock Creek EIS